Friday, March 19, 2021

My Week 3/1/2021- 3/19/2021

3,105 Miles
4 Flights
4 Uber Rides
3 States
2 Rental Cars
4 Different Beds
5 Starbucks
3 Clubs Visited

I drove out to Fallon to see old friends at Parkside Bible Fellowship. AMD Carl Lunderstadt shares the Large Group Lesson to both Sparks and T&T. Gene and Sarah showed me a new "Battleship" game they play with the T&T kids to encourage them to pass more sections. I was even treated to dinner before club. Thank you to everyone at Parkside!!

Green Valley Baptist in Henderson have been up and running all year. AMD Carmen Boland shared they have been doing club a little different to keep all the clubs separated during Covid and have shut down games this year, but she said they have been very pleased at the level of discipleship. The night I was there, the T&T club was preparing for an "in house" Bible Quiz. Praise God for all He is doing at Henderson.

Mustache Night at Sierra Bible in Truckee

Everyone has done things a little different this year. Pahrump Community Church started the year online and just a few weeks ago, decided to go live with kids, leaders, and gametime. They have kept everyone separated to mitigate Covid as much as possible. It was so much fun to hear kids laughing, see them having fun, hearing the Gospel and memorizing God's word. Praise Him!

On my way from Pahrump to Battle Mountain, NV I had the chance to drive through Smoky Valley. Beautiful...God did it right. 

On my way to Battle Mountain, I had the blessing to stop at Austin Baptist Church and meet Pastor Charlie Vaughn. One of my responsibilities as an Awana Missionary is not only to meet pastors who have Awana, but also to build relationships with those who don't. Pastor Charlie has a great ministry in Austin including a food pantry, shepherding his flock in Austin as well as those who drive through town on Hwy 50. Pastor Charlie shared with me that although there is only an attendance of 6 in the Austin school, his VBS every year shares the gospel with 20-30 kids as many of the grandparents who live in Austin bring their grandchildren out to Austin for a visit with them as well as a week of VBS. I truly enjoy hearing about the ministry of the small town pastors. 

I flew to Las Vegas, then drove to Bullhead City to see God working at City Bible Church. AMD Julie Arnold and her team started Awana in January this year due to Covid. They are determined to help kids finish their books this year and shared with me the kids are on track as they will pass 3 sections per week. To mitigate Covid risk, City Bible Church plays games outside and the weather in Bullhead City is perfect to do so. 

12 Things You Can Do When Your Large Group Teacher Can't Make It

Monday, March 1, 2021

My Week 2/6/2021-2/27/2021


Online Bible Quizzing- It was great to see kids from our ministry area engaging in online Bible Quizzing. Thank you to West Coast Honor Camp and their entire team for putting on this wonderful event.

I had the opportunity to set up an information table for weekend services at Summit Christian Church in Sparks, NV as one of their "highlighted ministries". So much fun to engage with their church members and share with them about our ministry so that Awana is seen not as a "program", but as a ministry of the church that evangelizes and disciples the children and families in their community. 

What a beautiful drive south along the Eastern Sierra of California to Bishop, CA. I had the opportunity to meet with and share meals with pastors along my way and back. 

Great to see some old friends and meet new ones at Calvary Baptist Church in Bishop, CA. Although CBC has had Awana for over 40 years, they started mid year due to Covid. Thank you to Mary Matlick and Tammie Hovet for your passion for kids and your creativity in getting the ministry up and running again. 

I was notified by Awana that a new club started at Grace Baptist Church in Fernley, NV. I had breakfast with Pastor Rick Lynn from GBC several years ago and have corresponded with him over this time. Great to see this club take root in Fernley. 
Club visit at Sierra Bible Church in Reno. What a great team AMD Christy Cronk has put together. Enjoyed the opportunity to come and visit with the kids and leaders. I was even asked to give a "missionary message" to the Sparks. 

Ice Cream Sundae Night at my home church, Sierra Bible Church- Truckee. AMD Ben Lyhne and the Journey students scoop up "The longest ice cream Sundae in Truckee". I love to watch the look in a Cubbie or Sparkies eyes as they watch this ice cream sundae being brought into the building.
Made a trip out to Fallon, NV to see old friends at Parkside Bible Fellowship. Here is AMD Carl Lunderstadt sharing the large group message with the T&T club. Later in the night, he also shares the message with the Sparkies. 
We are working with Awana missionaries from Alaska to Georgia and reconnecting with  pastors of churches who've dropped Awana over the years and asking them if they might be interested in taking a fresh look at our ministry and how it can benefit their church. There are over 3,000 churches that we are working at reengaging with. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Saturday, January 30, 2021

My week 1/24/2021-1/30/2021

1466 Miles
4 Different beds
4 States
1 Rental Car
2 Big bags of sunflower seeds
1 Audio Book and several podcasts

My week got started here at Amargosa Christian Fellowship as I did an Awana Basic Training. Pastor James Attebury and his team at ACF will be starting Awana this winter. They will be reaching out to the school children as the school is directly next to this church. ACF will be hosting Awana right after school, and inviting these children to hear about Jesus. I am really looking forward to seeing how God will use this club to reach the children of Amargosa Valley with the love of Jesus. 

Sunday night I had the opportunity to visit Awana at Oasis Baptist Church in Henderson. Awana Ministry Directors Jack and Chanel Walsh have done a great job of maintaining a high level of discipleship in spite of Covid, by partnering with parents and asking them to help their children work in their books and then asking club leaders to record Bible lessons and post them on the club Facebook group during Covid spikes when the club could not meet in person. I was very encouraged. 

Wednesday, I traveled to Lake Havasu City and visited Havasu Alliance Church. HAC has hosted an Awana club for 30 years...what a great legacy. Speaking with Pastor Jon Maki, we agreed on the importance of children's ministry related to the long term health of the church. HAC invites children from many of the churches in Lake Havasu City as well as unchurched children. In years past, HAC has used various methods of advertising to attract kids including a Fun Fair, a parade float on "London Bridge Days"and others. However, this year Pastor Jon told me "the kids just showed up"...Praise God!! So thankful for the ministry at Havasu Alliance Church. 

Thursday, I drove to Washington, UT near St. George and was blessed to visit Southland Bible Church. Southland Bible Church started Awana this year and it was so exciting to see God working. Awana Ministry Director Daryl and Bethanie Thompson shared with me they have been averaging 75-90 children per week. It was so much fun to see children running, laughing, learning God's word and hearing about Jesus. Daryl and Bethanie shared with me how Awana has invigorated the church and caused the congregation to look up and out into the community. Praising God for all He is doing at Southland. 

Long Drive home on Friday. I spent the night Thursday in Mesquite, NV, but there are no shortcuts to get home. While I was gone, Truckee had quite the snowstorm...thank you Judy, Ryan and Jack for clearing the driveway. It was nice to get home and not have to run the snowblower.